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Cloud Communications Solution

 Sitrion's stand-alone communications platform gives you the power of targeted mobile and desktop communications, complete with analytics and reporting on engagement.

All the features you expect from a mobile communications app
  • Message creation with options for sharing, scheduling, push notifications, expiration date, priority message flagging and contact information
  • Message overview, editing, filtering and exporting
  • Message formatting with rich text, bullet points, images, etc leveraging BBCode
  • Message targeting to groups and channels
  • Users and Group administration
  • Manual or automatic group synchronization
  • News Channel administration
  • Permission administration (end user, writer, admin)
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Document library, upload and administration
  • Links administration for company link library
  • Link click tracking
  • Video embedding
  • Polls (future)
  • Video upload and administration (future)
Out-of-the-box use cases
  • News / Communications with commenting, liking, sharing and contact details
  • User based news channel subscription
  • Ideation
  • Question & Answers
  • Polls
  • Sharing to Cloud Communications (e.g. storefront/competitor displays, event feedback, news, Emergencies, Incidents)
  • Social Advocacy  and Brand Ambassadors (e.g. Amplifying your corporate message via Social Media )
  • Acknowledgement / Confirm (e.g. Updated Security Policy)

Devices & Capabilities

As a native app that works on all major devices, Sitrion ONE is able to leverage a phone's camera, speech recognition, and other built-in features.

Works across all devices your employees have in their pocket

Native Apps (through Public App Store)

  • iOS 8.0+
  • Android 4.1+
  • WindowsPhone 8.1
  • HTML5 Client
  • Microsoft PowerApps (future)
Leverage all the native features of your phone
  • Camera input
  • Text input
  • Speech to Text
  • Sharing Capability
  • Web Browser
A best-in-class mobile employee app
  • Aggregated Productivity Stream showing and interacting with cards
  • Push Notifications
  • Search
  • Badge Count (iOS)
  • In-app theming
  • Offline Mode
  • Rich Media
  • Multi-Language UI
  • Micro-Apps for ad hoc services like lookups or initiating a leave, etc.

ONE Platform

Globally managed and built for enterprise-wide deployments, the ONE mobile platform boasts robust security and performance standards.

Born and built for the enterprise
  • SaaS operating model
  • Microsoft Azure data centers in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
  • Additional / exclusive data centers on request
    (More information)
  • Enterprise-grade security infrastructure
    (More information)
  • Single Sign On
  • Endpoint administration
  • User & roles administration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Sitrion AppBuilder to edit existing and create custom integrations, cards and micro-apps (Enterprise or Premium Edition only)

Enterprise Integrations for ONE

Leveraging years of experience configuring integrations with major ecosystems like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and others, Sitrion ONE has prebuilt connectors to popular mission-critical ERPs, HCMs and intranet systems.

Standard integrations with your employee identity authentication
  • Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • Ping
  • Siteminder
  • Any authentication platform supporting protocols including OpenID Connect, WsFederation, and SAML 2.0

NOTE: Sitrion ONE includes an authentication provider for customers who are not running their own authentication platform.

Standard integrations with enterprise systems
  • Microsoft SQL (and other SQL databases)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office365
  • SAP NW Gateway
  • REST Webservices
Many more custom integrations for critical systems
  • Sitrion AppBuilder
  • Example integrations with Oracle Sales Cloud, Peoplesoft, Ariba (on-premises),, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Exchange, K2, Sherwell,  and

Business Scenarios

ONE can support any idea for better communication and productivity. Our customers rely on Sitrion's expertise in the sample of use cases below.

Corporate & HR Communications
  • Corporate news or alerts
  • Executive blog / video
  • Solicit townhall questions
  • Cafeteria menu
  • … and many more
HR Self-Services
  • Leave Request & Approval
  • Timesheet lookup
  • Personal Data change
  • Paycheck notification and lookup
  • Benefits Lookup
  • Corporate incentives communication
  • … and many more
Employee Advocacy
  • Friends & Family discount sharing
  • Open Jobs sharing
  • Corporate Tweets
  • … and many more
Employee Engagement
  • Share
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Acknowledge
  • Poll
  • Q&A
  • Ideation
  • … and many more
Secure Mobile Access
  • People Search
  • Documents
  • Knowledge
  • Tasks
  • … and many more
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